Tommy’s Place

May 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

a rendering of the design depicts Tommy’s place with a mature planting

Tommy’s front yard design was one of several improvements to the O’Donnell residence.  The Ranch Style house is well made and shares Craftsman Style elements.  The recent addition of a front porch and portico knitted the two architectural styles closer together.  LandSight’s design for the yard considered the client’s connection with Arizona’s deserts and his neighborhood sociability.  The site’s new retaining wall and western aspect allowed for the great drainage and solar exposure desired by many plants of the desert and Southern Oregon.

a view of Tommy’s place prior to the landscape installation

The yard was set up to visually frame the house from the street.  Alternately, the planting is enjoyed while sitting on the front porch.  A narrow footpath arcs between the porch and wall, providing easy movement through the yard and an opportunity to get closer to the plants.  Several pockets of pumice along the path provide a space in the garden for small interesting succulents.

arcs of pumice plantings add an interesting design element to the path and space for interesting succulents

The planting plan is a combination of desert and chaparral species that feels southwestern, yet the Southern Oregon natives provide a regional anchor.  A true xeriscaping effort, water will only be applied by hand during the plantings’ infancy.  In time, additional irrigation will not be necessary.

a drawing of the planting plan

Mr. O’Donnell and LandSight reclaimed much of the yard from English Ivy, exposing a hidden stone wall and making room for the diverse planting plan.  A testament to Mr. O’Donnell’s place in the community, several friends joined the planting effort during the heat of an unseasonably warm spring.  Future improvements to the O’Donnell residence include a green wall planter and a small window arbor.

a view of Tommy’s place shortly after the installation

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  • tommy odonnell says:

    Thanks for the good words Dustin. I think you described accurately the approach and manner that you you embarked upon to help me with this project. I remain fairly amazed by the number of plants you were able to include in your design. The photo’s don’t really do justice to your creativity. Obviously in time the plants will mature fully and reveal themselves for their own special splendor. I appreciate your hard work in my behalf Dustin, the physicality necessary to fulfill your fine art’s vision is .impressive. I’ll remind you that when we first spoke of the potential for engaging upon this process you said the result’s would be something we would both be proud of. With out doubt you accomplished this in my behalf. I am pleased and proud of the efforts you’ve made in my behalf. It has been my sincere pleasure to work with you and I look forward to many years of enjoyment observing your design grow and become evermore beautiful with time. Thanks again Dustin

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