May 3, 2012 § 5 Comments

hanging out at 5th Street Public Market’s garden show, Bloom

Emphasizing the sculptural qualities and drought tolerance of succulents was the aim of LandSight’s recent installation at 5th Street Public Market’s garden show, Bloom.  Mr. Welch of LandSight built these spherical hanging planters to last.  Constructed with a welded re-bar internal frame and an aircraft cable tether, these plant spheres could hang around for many years.

one of LandSight’s planting spheres with Agave, Hebe, Echeveria and Sempervivum

Surviving in the wet and temperate Zone 7 of Oregon’s Willamette Valley can be tricky for many of the desert plants that Mr. Welch used for the installation, but the excellent drainage provided by the hanging design gives these plants an edge over Oregon’s wet winters.  Many of these plants can survive temperatures well below 10 degrees fahrenheit, but they do this in their native desert climates.  Cold and wet is another story, and this damages plant tissues swollen with water from a soaking Oregon rain.  High and dry seemed like a logical design solution that could increase the survivability of desert plants and create a very low maintenance, low water hanging basket.

the plant spheres hang like a constellation over the courtyard

Hoping to find homes for the plant spheres, Mr. Welch envisions the baskets becoming more interesting with age as new spikes of agave and yucca emerge from the planter’s core — some light shearing or shaping could emphasize the rounded or planetary form of each piece.  The spheres are for sale during the event from May 3rd to the 13th.  For a list of prices and care instructions, visit Bloom at 5th Street Public Market in Eugene, Oregon or contact LandSight through this blog.

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